Helyette A. Odoumbourou
Principal Manager
Development of Organisations
Yacouba Yira, Ph.D
Hydrology & Ecosystem Services Assessment - Environmental Modelling
Jean Hounkpè, Ph.D
Disaster Risk Management - Flood Forecasting - Risks Hotspots Modelling
Gerald Forkuor, Ph.D
Geographic Information System - Remote Sensing - Environmental Modelling
Euloge K. Agbossou, Professor
Hydraulic - Water Structure Design - Hydrology - Capacity Building
Brice A. Sinsin, Professor
Agro-Ecology - Biodiversity & Ecosystem Conservation - Capacity Building
Luc O. Sintondji, Professor
Ecohydrological Modelling - IWRM - Soil & Water Conservation - Capacity Building
Ozias Hounkpatin, Ph.D
Soil physics – soil fertility - Data mining and digital mapping and modelling
Aymar Y. Bossa, Ph.D
Hydrology – Environmental Modelling – IWRM - Flood Forecasting – Climate Risks
Adama Bagayoko
Climate and Disaster Resilience
Ebagnerin Jérôme Tondoh, Ph.D
Agroecologist - Soil Ecologist
Suzon Olory, MSc.
ICT - Software Development - Digital Transformation
Saratta Traoré, Ph.D
Ethnology - Socio-anthropology – Women & Work issues - Identity and Social Change
Djigbo Félicien BADOU, Ph.D

Climate Change & Water Resources Water Engineer

Hortense Kagambèga Traoré, MSc.

Gender and climate change, Integrated Water Resources Management

Djan'na Koubodana, Ph.D.
Physicist - Oceanographer - Climate and Water Specialist
Irene Catherine Nantongo, MSc.
Water and Energy Specialist - Business Models' Development